Vivid Thought - Present your data in as compelling a way as possible.



Data Visualisation

View your data in as easy an understandable way as possible to help you in your corporate decision making.

VFX for Business

Visual effects are not only for film and television... If you want to make an impact in your next presentation, consider incorporating something special that will wow your audience and encourage engagement.

Interactive Graphs

The purpose of a graph is to convey a precise message visually. Why not take it to the next level and let your users delve deeper into your data-sets to get as fine-grained an answer as you can give them?


Virtual Tours & Virtual Reality

Whether it's eLearning that you're trying to make more engaging or a tour of your premises for overseas customers, the immediacy of virtual reality will help convey your message.


eLearning solutions built from the ground up, without the limitations imposed by off-the-shelf products.

Realistic Virtual Presenters

Present to your audience with a virtual host who's engaging, conveys distinction and never tires. Advanced text-to-speech and photo-realistic rendering can transform any document into a compelling user experience.


Data Analysis

Your data may reveal more information than is visible at the surface. Find correlations and trends that you never knew existed.

Automated Big-Data Processing

Enormous, cross-referenced data-sets can be a burden to manually untangle. Why not outsource to a system that specialises in such challenges?

Big-Data Navigation

If you have a large data-set that needs to be understood in a simplified manner while retaining its depth then a custom built, easily updatable, big-data user interface for the web or desktop may be what you need.

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